Carol here (aka Chief Hen). I started red egg as a way to share a cultural and design aesthetic that personally excites me. As a textile designer, I began collecting and wearing vintage Japanese kimono in college. I fell in love with the patterns and the aesthetic and couldn’t wait to spend time in Asia. In 1997, I found myself in China exploring antique furniture warehouses and had the idea to bring this furniture to the USA to sell. That’s how red egg was hatched! I wasn’t thinking about what’s on trend or what would sell. Honestly, I was just thinking about how beautiful and special these pieces were and how excited I was to share them. If other people liked them and bought them, I could get myself back to Asia to explore and buy more! ⁠The antiques business evolved. Retailers discovered me and wanted more of the pieces I found. I began buying more common vintage pieces and painting them in bright lacquer colors. red egg’s signature style, Asian inspired furniture with a twist, became clear. Fresh, fun, quirky. ⁠

Fast forward, red egg currently produces Collections of accent furniture in the USA and Philippines. Our design compass still points toward the East and we are still painting our pieces in bright lacquer colors. We even tattoo furniture in fun patterns now! We also love collaborating with our clients to design and make special, custom pieces that we hope they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. But what still excites me is sharing the aesthetic I love, filtered through my lens, with people who appreciate it. Always evolving. Always authentic. ⁠

red egg distributes nationwide and operates out of its office and showroom in High Point, North Carolina. While still sourcing and manufacturing our cane collections, Indochine , Indochine Moderne,  Moderne Maru, and Kaigan, in the Philippines, our focus for our wood product is to manufacture all of it here in the USA. Our entire Double Happiness, Shanghai Loft, and chang’e lamp collections are made in the USA. Our rattan product from the Philippines is finished in our signature low gloss lacquer colors in the USA.

red egg currently exhibits at the High Point International Home Furnishings Market. Interior Designers, Architects and Boutique Lifestyle Retailers have been our main customer focus throughout our 25 years in business. Our product can be purchased through the trade and on select websites.

red egg, always fresh!